Keeping the sheen on constantly on high gloss furniture is not all that difficult. However if it is the kitchen then it is a Herculean task once it is left unattended for a while. Constant cooking in the kitchen leads to formation of greasy globules that are difficult to get rid of. Scrubbing them can lead to scratches, leaving unsightly marks and ruining the whole unit. Dry –Pak soda crystals can come to your rescue when dealing with such stubborn grease. Make a solution of this soda in a ratio of 150 gm for 500 ml of water, dip a cloth and rub it on the blisters in circular motions till it is dissolved. Another way to clean the greasy marks on the surface is to use soda bi carbonate directly onto the sponge and rub it gently on the affected area; this will clear the fat globules without actually damaging the glossy surface of the kitchen.