bear-encounter-bowChoosing a bow might be a difficult task, but it’s not difficult when you choose Bear brand. They have been one of the best bow manufactures for a long time. Their bows have really high quality and they perform exceptionally well. Today I’ll write to you about Bear Encounter bow.

I purchased it for my friend for Christmas and he really enjoyed it. Its cost is surprisingly good, only around $300 which is great. Bear’s quality and cost relationship has always been great. They offer more value per dollar than most of the other bow manufactures.

If you are looking for left hand bows then you might be in trouble. Unfortunately Bear doesn’t make left hand Encounter bows which is really sad, but if you are used to shoot from your right hand then you should be all good.

So if you are thinking of a gift for a friend who likes to be outdoors then this bow might be a great choice. It’s not expensive, it’s no too difficult to use and I’m more than sure that everybody will enjoy using it.